Dear visitors,

Welcome to the website of the Helicopter service of the Republic of Srpska (HsRS)!

From its beginnings, Helicopter Service of the Republic of Srpska has put all of its capacities to the service of the citizens of the Republic of Srpska. This tendency was also our greatest driving force for all the tasks that we have carried out in the past. We understood on time the needs of the society that we live in and on that basis perfected and improved our potential, human and technical, in order to have strength to meet all the demands and challenges that we can expect in the future. Some we could predict, some surprised us, but in both cases we have tried to respond to all challenges in the best possible way, safely and professionally. In our work, we have used all our experiences, resources and enthusiasm of all our members, to make Helicopter service of the Republic of Srpska safe and reliable partner to all users of its services today. Not to disregard the fact that we have justified our existence and many times, with your support and trust, were given “wings” for even greater feats in the most difficult situations that have shaken our Republic of Srpska in recent years.

With this website, we wanted to tell you, our visitors, the story of our existence, to show what we have done, what we do and what we want to do for the benefit of our citizens. Your trust and our will and enthusiasm, have become a hallmark of our service, inexhaustible synergy for our future tasks and responsibilities for which we will always be at your service.

Please feel welcome to send us all your constructive requests, suggestions and opinions in order to improve the quality of service and future cooperation between HsRS and you, citizens of the Republic of Srpska.

I wish you a pleasant time here at the website of the Helicopter service of the Republic of Srpska!

Director of HsRS, , Boban Kusturić