St. Peter’s Parachuting Cup 2015.

On the 04th of July 2015, the „20th St. Peter’s Parachuting Cup“, was held and organized by Aero club Prijedor. Thirteen teams from 7 countries (Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska), took participation in the competition, a total of 63 parachutists. On this occasion 533 jumps were performed from a height of 1100m. Winner of the Cup was the team from Ptuj, Slovenia, the second place took the team from Prijedor and the third Aero Club „Our Wings“from Paracin, Serbia.
During the Parachuting Cup there was also an Airshow held as a part of IPA CAN Project. The following Aero clubs took participation in flight and static part: Aero Club Prijedor, Bihac Aero Club, „Aero Club Eagle“ Bijeljina, „Aero Club Eagle“ Laktaši, Aero Club Tuzla, Aero Club Sarajevo, Helicopter Service of the Republic of Srpska, and private aircraft owners.